Tuition and Refunds:

For those accepted on April 22nd, a $50 deposit is required to confirm enrollment by May 1st which will be applied toward your child's tuition. Tuition for Summer 2019 is $350. The remaining tuition is broken down into 2 installments of $150 due on June 1st and July 1st. 

Due to the financial dependency of the preschool on tuition funds, a replacement must be found to eliminate financial obligations for the full tuition amount. If a replacement is needed, a parent’s financial obligation is based on the prorated balance of the amount of time the child attended the summer program. If we are not able to find a replacement, parents are financially responsible for the entire amount of the tuition.

Attendance: We anticipate that the children will attend each day unless they are ill or out of town. We ask parents to notify the office if their child is ill or gone for any significant amount of time since the other children often ask about their absent friends.

Research: One of the missions of the preschool is to provide participants for research to further our knowledge about children and families. Placing your child in our program assumes a willingness on your part to participate in occasional research activities. Most often these are questionnaires. All research projects are first approved by the University’s Human Subjects Review Board. Information is provided to parents prior to any research being conducted.

Observation Booths: The observation booths are used by several University classes over the course of the year so that students can see how young children interact with their peers. These University students do not have contact with the children at any time. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to utilize this opportunity to see what your child is learning each day.