Each day the children are provided with a snack that has been evaluated and approved by our national accrediting body. For your information, our snack menu has also been approved by several nutritionists. During snack, we encourage the children to serve themselves. Snack can be an excellent time to reinforce social awareness, talking with peers, and to rejuvenate physically. The snack menu is posted in each classroom and parents receive a copy of the snack menu in their parent pocket each month.

Due to the various food allergies, we appreciate parents help in outlining what their child is capable of eating to avoid judgment calls made by our teachers. Prior arrangements can be made with the head teacher for parents to send replacement snacks.

Birthdays: Some parents like to bring prepackaged birthday treats for the class when their child is having a birthday. This is certainly not required. Often, this nutritional treat replaces the snack that would be served to the children that day.