We recognize the critical role that families play in the educational process. When good communication between home and school exists, the child is better served at school. Teachers need parent involvement so their efforts with the child are not an isolated part of the child’s experience. They need an understanding of the family and cultural background of each child. Teachers as well as children benefit from parents in the classroom. During informal verbal interchanges and regular parent teacher conferences, both teachers and parents can share information that can ultimately benefit the child’s development. A partnership between parents and teachers will ensure a more effective educational experience for the child.

Parent Volunteers: Parents are welcome in our classrooms any time. A few ways parents help include sharing their favorite picture books; volunteering to demonstrate a talent such as bread making; or sharing resources that enrich the topic of study.

Observations: Please feel free to observe in our observation booths. Sound is on to allow parents to hear what is going on within the classroom. This is a wonderful way to see what the child is learning without being noticed. Parents are asked to refrain from showing their child the observation booths. The research requires that children be unaware of outside observers to ensure a natural setting.