If there is a fire in our building or any other type of emergency, a fire alarm will sound. When this occurs, the children are immediately evacuated to the playground area. This provides the children with a familiar and contained space where we can count them and keep them safe until we can ascertain the actual emergency. Under NO circumstances are parents to enter our building when this alarm is ringing.

If the alarm is sounding, parents can meet their child on the playground, sign them out with their head teacher, and exit through the playground gate. If an actual emergency occurs more than one hour before the scheduled pick-up time, parents are notified. Otherwise, the children will be kept on the playground until the regularly scheduled pick-up time.

Should the playground be judged unsafe, the children will be safely evacuated across the street to meet in the front of the Faculty Office Building (FOB). This meeting location will allow the children to be a safe distance from the building but also separate from the other people being evacuated from the JFSB. Once the children have been accounted for at the FOB, the children are taken down the stairs to the Smith Fieldhouse parking lot where parents are notified to pick them up. The purpose in this meeting location is to allow for parents to have quick and easy access in picking up their child in the event of an emergency in the JFSB.


If there are any other emergency situations that would prevent parents from gaining access to campus from the north end of campus, the children will be escorted to the Smith Fieldhouse as outlined above.